Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Lesson

The sorting lesson did not happen.

Instead we had a lesson on respect and trailer loading.

I have never had an issue with Okie getting in the trailer until yesterday, when he decided he would rather die by carrot stick beatings than get his OSU butt in that horse trailer.

We worked for about 2 hours before I got him in. Lots of swearing. I used the same method that I used with Yellow last summer, but it's such a pain to go through this.

Once the Oklahoma horse decided to go backward, he would back down the driveway, past the barn, and all the way back to the horse corrals, with me cursing at him and notifying him that it was in his best interest to head to my left, unless he wanted to run into that carrot stick again.

There was a point that I put the lunge line on him, took him into the corral, and lunged the s**t out of him. It was only another 30 minutes or so, from that point, that he got in.

He was in a white lather.

Once in the trailer, he was stomping around, being a crack head.

I called the ranch that I was supposed to be at, and she said to bring him anyway, keep him there for a week, and ride him. I decided this was a win-win. Not only do I get to get him away from Yellow, but once I got there I could load him another dozen times or so, and I get a few wet saddle blankets on him this week.

I'm headed back to the ranch this morning for my lesson. Lord help Okie if he doesn't cooperate today.


SunnySD said...

What a stinker! Bet he gets in better next time.

Desert Rose said...

Ok...I don't have this issue. Mine is getting out of the way when Jesse and Little Lady jump in like a BOLT of lightening! Hay Cuz B even loaded them up and unloaded one day. She has a nice bruse too cause I forgot to warn her!