Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Peg Leg

I know, I know. This is my third blog in a row without pictures. But think of this as more of a book than a blog...use your imagination for Pete's sake!

So yesterday the vet finally came out to look at Yellow's leg. I have been kind of nervous about it because it just doesn't look like it's healing right, and it's been almost a month. I wasn't there for Yellow's appointment, but my mom seemed to have things under control.

She told me the vet recommended that we saw off his hind leg, and replace it with a peg leg. I asked my mom if we could at least do a titanium peg leg so it won't rot or warp, and she said we needed to skimp on the leg for now so we could afford the parrot and pirate patch. Rude.

In short, the vet informed us that my little peg legged horse is healing up pretty well. He said it didn't look that bad and it wasn't infected, but unfortunately it's located in a place where activity is going to keep opening the wound, preventing it from healing. He said that when I left with Okie last weekend and Yellow was running around like a mad man, that probably did a little unnecessary harm. He recommended that we keep Yellow in the small pen to prevent him from running around and re-opening his wound.

The vet cleaned up the wound a little and gave us a syringe and bottle of some sort of substance to spray on the wound, and then rub it in with your finger. Ew. My mom said Yellow lifted his foot as if to say, "OW!" when the vet touched the wound, but he wasn't trying to kick or anything. She said he stood really still and was a good patient. I wouldn't have expected anything less.

The bottom line is, I can't ride him for a month. SERIOUSLY!?!? A month!! At least he'll be good-to-go for our wine tour in May.

So, I guess it's me and the Oklahoma boy this Saturday for my lesson. That's right, I am taking a lesson! Two hours of me learning how to get a cow out of a herd. Should be a good time, as long as it's not two hours of me having to get after Oklahoma and remind him that he is a broke horse. Wish me luck.


backattheranch said...

I love your blog and I really enjoyed watching the video clip of the Extreme Cowboy Race. Didnt see that one and it was something else!!! Wow. I wish I could do something like that or even had a horse good enough! ha

SunnySD said...

Glad you're getting a good prognosis, even if it's a slow one!

Congratulations! I'm passing along the Honest Scrap Award. You'll find it here.

Good luck with Okie - please keep up posted on how the lesson turns out :)

Dusty Devoe said...

Sorry your Yellow horse is layed up for awhile. I went thru that with Dusty in Dec. 27 days of stall rest, twice daily cleaning, wrapping his leg, and walking him. Didn't have a life, but loved the time with him, and we bonded! Probably was overkill, but he healed nice, no proud flesh and a teeny scar.

Andrea said...

well, at least they aren't going to amputate!! LOL!! I am glad it's healing. I hate it when it seems to take forever. But it's worth the wait!

Desert Rose said...

I must have missed the blog on how Yellow got hurt! the ggod thing is...he's getting better!