Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bad TV Saturday

You know how there is never anything good on TV when you actually have time to watch it? Well, I always seem to find some sort of "bad" TV that I can become engulfed in, especially on Saturdays. Today I am catching up on The Hills, Making the Band, and a Hillary Duff movie is on ABC Family. This is the perfect bad tv day.

Okay, I'm mostly just watching bad tv because I already watched Twilight once today and Travis was giving me a lot of grief about watching that movie 5 times in the last week.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Bunny!

Check out this happy Bunny!

So, I went out to worm my horses the other day, and this is really no big deal. Usually. I only took one halter.

It was pretty windy. There was a stray dog who had been chasing my horses all day. Yellow was in a MOOD. It was a total recipe for disaster.

I shook the boxes and the boys come to snoop. I threw a lead rope around Yellow and grabbed the tube. Well that goofy horse was too busy looking for crazy stray dogs and keeping Okie away from his food tub (that was empty) to have anything to do with holding his head still. So I put the halter on. He was still being a knucklehead, so I had to use my teacher voice and get after him. He held still for about 3 seconds so I could shoot the paste into his mouth, and then jerked at the last second so I got a good chunk of it on his lips.

As soon as I turned Yellow loose, he chased Okie to the opposite end of the corral. Turkeys.

So I re-caught Yellow and tied him up. He was jumping around and being a knucklehead again while I was trying to the rope tied, so then he really got told. He has been in that corral without anyone telling him what to do for way too long.

I went and grabbed another halter and headed out the the big corral to catch Okie. He saw me and I thought he was actually trotting up to me, but right on by he went! Then Yellow kicked at him (even though he was tied up!) and Okie came running back by me. We did this at least 3 time before I finally said, "Okie, WHOA!" He stared at me like, "Listen lady. I'm playing. What the french do you want?"

I haltered Okie, and, seeing as how he puts absolutely everything in his mouth, I let his natural curiosity take over and he put the wormer tube in his mouth on his own. But of course, because I'm always in a hurry, I squirted while his mouth was just a tad open and got some on our lead rope. But at least he got wormed!

So, anyway, my little crack heads were in fine form this windy weekend. But we got it done.

Here's another pic of my Easter Bunny:

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Barn Cats!

So, on our farm, we used to have about 10 acres of grapes. Now we only have about 2 acres. Instead, we have a large clearing and a 24oo sqft shop. But you know what stayed behind when the grapes left? Mice. Lots of 'em! They are getting in the shop and being really gross and annoying.

Last Fall I asked my mom if we should get some barn cats to go to work around our shop. She said that we should, but we should wait until Spring when the weather is nicer. Guess what? It was 70 degrees on Tuesday, time for some barn cats!

I started looking in the paper for kittens, and thought it would be really fun to have a kitten for Gracie to play with. Travis hates cats, but he agreed that as long as it was outside, he was okay with it.

Well, I got to thinking, and realized that I really don't want to pay for a couple of kittens to be fixed. And I don't want to get too attached, because things sometimes happen to outdoor cats. Of course, I'm already slightly attached because I love all animals! But the less attached I can get, the better.

I got online and decided to check out - pet listings for animals at humane societies across the nation. I saw a line for Barnyard Cats. These cats are listed as wild cats who are being altered and then given away to people on farms.


I shot off a quick email, and made contact with a gal named Nicole. After a few emails back and forth, Nicole finally called me and told me that she had a female half-wild full grown cat ready for a home on Wednesday. Nicole will bring "Eva" to my work on Wednesday of next week and I will take her home.

I decided a while ago that I would like a boy and a girl and I will name them WallE and Eva.

Anyway, I am very excited to get this little lady to her new residence and put her to work! Good luck mice.