Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Extreme Cowboy Race

Oh man, I love me some Extreme Cowboy Racing!! And even more so, I love Craig Cameron's commentary. Have you ever seen a more good natured cowboy than Craig Cameron? After one particularly good run, Craig told the cowboy, "That Badger's a pretty good cow pony, isn't he? I think you could get $50 and a pocket knife for him any time." Haha! I love it! It reminds of me something my grandpa would have said.

If you haven't seen the Extreme Cowboy Races, definitely check them out. You can watch 5 seasons of episodes here!

Or check out this gal, quite a run...make sure you watch this trailer load!

Maybe this will be my goal for 2010? I think I'll give my man a heart attack!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Effing Sugar.

So, because I am a fairly talkative person, I'm sure my daughter is going to be a talkative person. And she'll probably start talking pretty soon. Today she was full of noises of varying kinds during her workout in her gym. That's right, all you Fergie fans, she was up in the gym workin' on her fitness! Haha!

Anyway, I'm trying to explain the title of my blog. Unlike Pony Cousin Desert Rose, I have to save my 25 cents for diapers, and am really trying to cut down on the swearing anyway. The last thing I need is for my precious little girl's first word to be "shit."

But, hopefully you get the jist of what I really wanted to title this blog.

This blog is about my rotten yellow horse, and his love of hay.

Yesterday, around 11: a.m., my dad came inside and said he and my mom could use my help, and that Yellow was stuck. Oh Lord...this could mean any number of things. I'm just glad he's not Okie, cause that horse is absurd.

I love you Okie, but you are a member of the Goof Troop, fo sho!

Once I got outside, I saw my horse laying next to his 1,000 lb hay bale, with his front legs on one side of the bale and his hind legs on the other side. It looked like he was spooning with his favorite thing in the world, his food. The first thing I thought is, "I am a terrible horse owner and he's probably been like this all night and I didn't know because I'm too busy inside taking care of Baby Pooey." But my mom assured me that my dad had been out there for a half hour or so and Yellow was standing when my dad first checked on the horses. Phew!

I was in charge of talking to Yellow while my mom wrangled Okie, whose only problem was that he wanted to be in the center of all the action! My dad drove the truck into our corral and tied a rope onto the hitch. My mom and I wrapped the rope around the bale, and in a matter of 10 minutes from the time I first came outside, we had Yellow upright again!

So, what's the big deal, right?


My damn horse cut his leg up while he was trying to get up, and this means he's a little too stiff and sore to be shod this week and definitely not rideable this weekend for my very first sorting/team penning practice!! My goofy-assed horse did this THE MORNING after I paid my club dues and was just so amped up to go to this practice!

Now, his wound looks a little worse today because of the huge amount of salve I put on it yesterday. It kind of looks seepy--it's not. And it's not deep, just a nice flesh wound.

I would also like you to know that in order to get these fantastic photos, courtesy of my new camera, I had to wear my dad's very colorful snowmobile jacket, slip on my mom's boots (I think they look pretty snazzy with my sweats!),
PS, Mom, I am SO borrowing these...

and keep Oklahoma from eating my camera.
Okie loves to be all up in my business! ;) Gotta love this curious pony!

I asked Okie a couple of times how he would feel about going to play with some cows next weekend...he seemed interested, but not sold on the idea.

Riiiiiiigggggghhhhhhtttttt...about that, Palomino Girl. I'm just gonna need to go ahead and check with Yellow on that one...I don't want to get beat up when I get back from an adventure that he doesn't get to go if you could go ahead and hold on to that thought, that would be grrrreeeeaaatttt, thanks. (Any Office Space fans out there?!?)

I think Yellow was annoyed that I would even CONSIDER taking Okie while Yellow just stayed at home, watching soap operas and eating bon bons while his leg heals.

NOT a happy camper!

I'm sorry, Yellow. I still love you!

Both my ponies look SO fuzzy!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Princess Gracie

Watch your tiara, Her Royal Highness Paint Girl!! Gracie is already practicing her rodeo wave!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sorted Out

So today my mom, Baby Pooey and I ventured about an hour from our home to a good sized covered arena in Selah. It was pretty darn cold today, although not as cold as it could have been. About 35 degrees. Baby Pooey stayed in the car while mom and I checked out the 20 horses and riders there for sorting practice.

For those who aren't familiar with Ranch Sorting, it's very simple. You have a pen divided in half by a few panels with about a 10 foot gap in the middle. On one side of the pen there are 10 cows numbered 1 through 10. Two riders are on the other side of the pen. Your time starts when one horse crosses into the pen with the cows. The announcer calls out a number, and that is your first cow to sort out of the herd and drive into the opposite pen. One horse is sorting the cow, the other is blocking the "gate." Time is stopped when one of three things happens: 60 seconds elapses, all 10 cows are herded into the other pen, or a cow gets through to the other side out of order.

Like I said, it's very simple, but also looks like an insane amount of fun! I went to a sorting last Fall and decided this was going to be my goal for 2009. Some people make resolutions, I think of awesome new things to try on my horse! So this month I'm joining the Yakima Valley Team Penning Club! And yes, I will be learning to team pen as well, but I'm a little more excited for the sorting. It's kind of like ghetto-cutting!

Anyway, I promised my dear cousin I would get some sweet sorting footage. I, of course, wasn't riding today. But in 2 weeks they have another practice and I'm hoping to be doctor cleared by then so I can join in on the fun! Anyway, here's some sorting:

These girls are practically pros!

This run was too funny! The poor guy couldn't get that cow moving to save his life!

Monday, January 5, 2009

The 2008 Recap


Where did you begin 2008?
Trick Shot Dixies, a classy joint in Spokane Washington that used to be a cowboy bar by day, dance club by night. Right around this time last year this fine establishment got some new owners who fired all the bartenders (the females had some cute dance routines they did on the bar a la Coyote Ugly, the males knew me by name and credit card--I'm a great tipper--and I always got served first and charged less) and moved the mechanical bull up against the wall...the clientele got more "ghetto" and the music did the same. Travis and I met up there and danced the night away! Boy, that was a different time...


What was your status by Valentines Day?
Taken, but still trying to decide what I thought of that. Ha!


Were you in school anytime this year?
Sort of, I was a substitute teacher for a few months. I love school and I definitely enjoyed being a sub! I came home with the best stories every day! And I think I was fairly decent at it.


Did you have to go to the hospital?
More this year than in my entire life! I had two ultrasounds, bloodwork, and a diabetes test. And then, of course, the grand finale! Giving birth to Grace Lauryn on December 14th! And another couple of check-ups after that.


Did you have any encounters with the police?
I had a couple. I got pulled over for going VERY much over the speed limit. For you family members, I was on hwy 12 between I-5 and Morton...definitely going closer to 85 than the speed limit of 55! And then, the following weekend we went to our favorite cliff jumping spot in Cheney and, apparently, it's been made private property. We completely ignored the No Trespassing signs and headed out anyway, and the sheriff was called. He was trying to be pretty hard core, but my group and I weren't amused. Small town sheriffs...gotta love 'em.


Where did you go on vacation?
I went camping a time or two. Of course the famous Pony Cousin trip this summer, then the Stiltner Family Campout. No official vacation, but since I was unemployed most of the summer, it seemed like most of my year was a vacation!


What did you purchase that was over $1,000?
I have not made any major purchases this year. I am now leaving that to my man!


Did you know anybody who got married?
This was the year of marriage! College friends Lindsay & Dan, hometown Everett and new friend Carrie, very old friends AJ and Lizzy, hometown family friends Heidi and Joe, high school friend Melissa married a man named Jordan, cousin Tena married long-time LOVER Aaron (haha! Aaron would be so embarrassed, I'm sure!), and then I know of a couple other marriages of people I'm not close to.


Did you know anybody who passed away?
Yes, unfortunately. In 2008 we said goodbye to a high school friend of my brother's (was 23) and a motocross racer and friend who was 24. I know there were others who passed, but these have actually been very recent and so they're fresh on my mind.


Did you move anywhere?
I moved from Spokane to Sunnyside at the end of March. I lived in Spokane for over 5 years, and sometimes I miss it, but right now they are experiencing record snow, so I'm glad I'm here, where I can actually drive around without getting stuck!


What sporting events did you attend?
I went to some Eastern Washington University volleyball games, where my brother coaches and we both went to school. I also run a volleyball league in Sunnyside so I went to plenty of other volleyball events. I think that's about it for this year...kind of lame!


What concerts/shows did you go to?
I definitely saw Chicago at the Benton County Fair, and they were fantastic! Baby Grace was in my tummy, but I think if you played some Chicago for her now, she would recognize it!


Describe your birthday:
Despite my friend Sarah's best efforts, my birthday was kind of weak this year. She made me an awesome tube top with rhinestones to wear out, and I won a radio contest! Then we met up with some friends and had some drinks, then went to Fast Eddies so I could spin the prize wheel and I think I won a gift certificate for food, and then we went to The BLVD, where I was completely exhausted and way too sober at 11:pm when I begged Sarah to take me home. We got some Taco Bell on the way and I passed out watching Dazed and Confused.


Did you meet anyone new?
I met all the people I work with and some people at the school I was teaching at. As far as new people to hang out with, not really. I have all my same people and I can barely make time for them, so I don't know how I could possibly add anyone new! Oh, except I did meet all of Travis' family this year, and they are wonderful.


What has been your favorite moment?
Oh man. Either getting engaged, my fabulous baby shower, or giving birth. I had some awesome stuff going on this year!


Any new additions to your family?
GRACE LAURYN!!! And we did get OSUs Look Whos Slidin aka "Okie" this year. He's definitely the goofiest addition to our family!


What was your best month?


Who has been your best drinking buddy?
Well, considering I didn't drink much this year, it would probably be either my girl Loo or the aforementioned Sarah.


Made new friends?
My blogger friends! And a few work people.


Favorite Night out?
Hmmm...its hard to remember back that far! Possibly either New Years Eve last year or the night my mom came to Spokane and met Travis, and we went to a martini bar with Sarah, her friend Wade, my brother and a friend from home, Ben. Then, after several martinis, Sarah, Wade, Travis, my mom and I decided to head downtown to the gay bar to catch the midnight drag show! We had too much fun and I ended up driving the "drunk bus" home, where I am sure Travis and my mom would have continued to party had I let them!


Other than home, where did you spend most of your time?
At work. But I am home, A LOT. Especially now.


Be honest - did you watch American Idol?
Absolutely. A) I worked for FOX and was writing an American Idol blog for work, and B) it's the most successful show in tv history--there's a reason, and that reason keeps me watching.


Change your hairstyle?
No...but I'm craving something different for 09!


Have any car accidents?
No, thank goodness!


How old did you turn this year?
24...super old. Almost as old as 25! Get ready for a nervous breakdown blog, appearing around March 26th!


Do you have a New Years resolution?
Heck no! Not only would I not keep it, but I would never be able to remember it to start with!


Do anything embarrassing?
Like be let-go from a position that I sucked at and then move back in with my parents and then find out I was pregnant? Naw...


Buy anything new from eBay?
I'm sure I did. I love the eBay! Definitely got some Christmas presents there!


Get married or divorced?
No, but close enough!


Get arrested?
No, but with all my police interaction, that was probably just sheer luck. Oh! And my mom and I had to file a report with the police earlier in the year regarding a stolen cockapoo who answers to the name Rory.


Been snowboarding?
No...and I'd really rather not talk about it. I guess there's still hope that I could make it this season, but I'm not counting my chickens.


Did you get sick this year?
Not really. And considering the circumstances, I am a very lucky girl!


Are you happy to see 2008 G0?
It's been a year I'll never forget, thats for sure! But I'm excited to see what the future holds.


Been naughty or nice?
Probably mostly naughty...hormones and all!


What was the best part of last year?
Travis, and all the wonderful and horrible things we experienced.


What was the worst part of last year?
Being let go is tied with in-law issues (which are now pretty much resolved) and being broke as a joke.


What are you most looking forward to next year?
Watching Gracie grow and mature, excelling at work, learning to SORT on my horse!!


Is there anything you are not looking forward to next year?
Paying for childcare. Adapting to how much notice I get from the general public now that I'm not pregnant. Boo!


Which new years resolutions did you keep last year?
I don't make resolutions.


What did you do on new years eve?
I stayed home with my man and my baby. He had to wake me up at 11:30 because Gracie was hungry, and we managed to catch the ball dropping on TV. Pretty stinkin' romantic, if you ask me!


Who was with you be with on new years eve?
Travis and Grace Lauryn and Stella.


Who did you kiss to see the new year in?
Everyone I could!

Are you making a resolution for 2009?
Nope, I don't make resolutions.


What was the best TV show of last year?
Oh man...I love so much tv, I don't know that there was a best...Project Runway was pretty fantastic as usual, as was Top Chef. But there is also Top Model, Psych, Real Housewives of Orange County, Real Housewives of New York, The Office, and of course, Entourage. There are so many more fantastic shows that I watch (and by fantastic, I mean they are SUCH guilty pleasures that I'm not going to list them...yes, even more of a guilty pleasure than Real Housewives!) but I just don't have time to type them all out...*wink*


What change would you like to make to your life next year?
This year I will have a whole different focus, and that is to be nominated as Mother of the Year. Last year, I was ready to apply to be on The Real World. So, a bit of a change there.


What change would you like to see in the world next year?
Oh man, a new, fantastic president? I think we're going to see all kinds of change, and I would like nothing more than for this country to just embrace it!


Did you do something you would never do?
Many things. My whole life and perspective is different. Hopefully in a good way! I don't want to be that stick-in-the-mud mom who completely forgets everyone but her child and completely stops living, thinking that will somehow benefit her baby. Happy moms make happy babies, in my opinion!


Did anyone close to you give birth?
Sort sister-in-law can't have children, but a wonderful woman in Idaho gave birth to a baby girl and gave her to Stephynie and Shaun, so Gianna was born into our extended family this year.


Did you visit any countries?
No. Bummer.


What would you like to have in 2009 that you lacked in 2008?
Money would be nice. :) Feel free to send any extra you may have my way!


Will any date from 2008 stay etached in your memory forever?
April 26th, June 16th, December 14th.


What was the best thing you bought in 08?
I didn't buy much besides baby merchandise. However, I am still really digging my Clinton Anderson halter and 16 ft lead rope...that came in VERY handy several times this year, especially when Yellow had his trailer loading issues.


Did your behavior change over the year?
Of course.


Where did you spend most of your money?
Baby stuff and food. I was a ravenous woman most of this year!

55 Are you happier than this time last year?
No offense to Stella and Travis, but Gracie really just fills out this family, so yes. I am happier.


What song will remind you of 2008?
Forever, by Chris Brown.


What do you wish you would have done more of?
Exercise. I wish I hadn't felt so terrible the latter half of the year and stayed in shape a little better.


What do you wish you would have done less of?
Cry. I was a waterworks show at least twice a week, which is incredibly unusual for me! I'm not a crier.


What did you do for Christmas?
The usual family-quality time stuff. And tried to figure out this baby/mommy stuff.


Did you fall in love in 2008?
I had the fortunate blessing of falling in love with two people, and I didn't even have to fall out of love with one to fall in love with the other!


Did you get your heart broken in 2008?


Do you hate anyone now that you didn't hate this time last year?
Hmmm...hate is a really strong word. There are two people who I have lost a lot of respect for that I greatly admired this time last year. But I don't hate them.


What was the best book you read and/or movie you saw?
The best book I read was Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay, and the best movie I saw was either Iron Man or Dark Knight. I love me some comic book characters!!


What was your greatest discovery?
That I was going to have a GIRL!


What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
If people hadn't been so hung up on the fact that Travis and I aren't married.


How would you describe your personal fashion concept of 2008?


Who was the best new person you met?
Grace Lauryn, and my boss Sheri who is fantastic.


Who did you wish you did not meet?
Oh geez, that's kind of harsh. Um...I don't know that there's anyone I met in 2008 that I wish I hadn't.


Who was your enemy?
I don't have enemies, I have frenemies. ;)


Who do you miss?
It's not who I miss, it's what I miss. Riding my horse, being able to wear my designer jeans, mojitos, Nordstrom, dance nights with the girls, and the seasonal dark chocolate peppermint ice cream from Coldstone.

Friday, January 2, 2009

A Moment of Silence

The baby is at sleep...the men are at work...the crazy mother is at a meeting...I have the house to myself (mostly) and it's quiet!! What a perfect time to write a quick blog! Now if only I had a riveting, horse related topic! But seeing as how I haven't so much as sniffed my horse in three weeks, I don't have a lot of new news.

OH WAIT! So, the Pony Cousins are beginning to plan our big horse trip this summer. At the culmination of the trip last summer, our extremely experienced Trail Boss passed on her torch to me.

I am not a trail rider. In my youth, I trail rode very little. There always seemed to be some sort of mishap on the trail, and when you're out in the open, what's to stop your horse from taking off with you--or worse, dumping you and taking off without you? I remember taking my 20 year old thoroughbred mare on a trail ride with several other 4-H riders, and we had to face dogs, horses balking on the canal rode (one of my greatest fears was getting thrown into the canal), and a horse even jumped the fence he was in and tried to come with us. Scary stuff, especially for a 12 year old!

I think the next time I went rode out of the arena, my horse was fine, but the gal who was riding with me was on a horse who had a rib out right in his cinch area, and he jumped, bucked and kicked all the way down the trail. Poor guy.

Several years later I tried to trail ride my show horse during Christmas break, and in the pasture next to my house she reared up and came over backward on me. We were both okay, I just had some severe whiplash, but that was definitely my last trail ride for a while.

I'm not a person who comes off horses often. I know how that must sound, but for some reason I just don't come off. Twice I've slid off horses while riding bareback, I was dumped once when a horse was stung and jumped straight up in the air with no warning, I came off once when my horse balked at a jump, and one time she caught me off guard in a corner and went to bucking, and really I think that's about it.

My Yellow horse would never let me slide off his back!

So, back to the purpose of this blog. I am interested to know what my fellow horseman would consider good skills for a Trail Boss. What are the duties? What is acceptable and unacceptable? What should I be prepared for?

I should mention that in the year since I've owned Yellow, I have done more trail riding than I had in the previous 20 years of riding horses. And never once did I have an incident with him. Well, nothing serious, anyway. He was the lead horse once and refused to go through a fence, but once the other horses went through, he charged right through it. And really, the gals on the ride who went through before us didn't really give us a chance to work through it. I think the only other "issues" we've had were because I was apprehensive and nervous. I just really prefer an arena! But I am beginning to enjoy the scene change and obstacles of a nice, long trail ride.

Returning from a successful trail ride in Portland with Middle of the Road and Pony Cousin JW.

Because the trail bosses I have ridden with have been seasoned pros, I've really only had issues with other riders being inconsiderate or maybe just ignorant. On a ride I took last spring, we stopped at a bluff to have lunch, and as soon as three of the riders were done they mounted up and headed back to the trail. Well, even Yellow wasn't a fan of this! He jigged his yellow butt back to the trail trying to catch the missing horses! Our trail boss gave the three women a fairly stern talking to, but I don't know that they got the point. I think my horse gave me the least amount of issues. The trail boss had recently had hip surgery and had a hell of a time getting his horse to stand still next to a rock so he could mount up. And once he did jump on his horse, his horse went to bucking. The poor guy didn't even have his feet in the stirrups! But he's a hell of a cowboy, so he rode it out and then did a little rodeo wave once he had things under control!

Our lunch spot on the Hat Rock trail ride.

And this is why they call it "Hat Rock."

Anyway, I've just realized that during my few remaining moments of silence, I should probably get some food. There are just so many things I want to do in my 30 minutes of Palomino-Girl Time!