Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sorted Out

So today my mom, Baby Pooey and I ventured about an hour from our home to a good sized covered arena in Selah. It was pretty darn cold today, although not as cold as it could have been. About 35 degrees. Baby Pooey stayed in the car while mom and I checked out the 20 horses and riders there for sorting practice.

For those who aren't familiar with Ranch Sorting, it's very simple. You have a pen divided in half by a few panels with about a 10 foot gap in the middle. On one side of the pen there are 10 cows numbered 1 through 10. Two riders are on the other side of the pen. Your time starts when one horse crosses into the pen with the cows. The announcer calls out a number, and that is your first cow to sort out of the herd and drive into the opposite pen. One horse is sorting the cow, the other is blocking the "gate." Time is stopped when one of three things happens: 60 seconds elapses, all 10 cows are herded into the other pen, or a cow gets through to the other side out of order.

Like I said, it's very simple, but also looks like an insane amount of fun! I went to a sorting last Fall and decided this was going to be my goal for 2009. Some people make resolutions, I think of awesome new things to try on my horse! So this month I'm joining the Yakima Valley Team Penning Club! And yes, I will be learning to team pen as well, but I'm a little more excited for the sorting. It's kind of like ghetto-cutting!

Anyway, I promised my dear cousin I would get some sweet sorting footage. I, of course, wasn't riding today. But in 2 weeks they have another practice and I'm hoping to be doctor cleared by then so I can join in on the fun! Anyway, here's some sorting:

These girls are practically pros!

This run was too funny! The poor guy couldn't get that cow moving to save his life!


Leah Fry said...

Oh watch those nicknames! They have a tendency to stick. Baby Pooey LOL! My son was called Peach or Peaches until he was like 4-5. He was not happy about it either!!

Andrea said...

Oh fun!! I love team penning! It is the same concept but three cows have the same number and you and your team hav eto get them into a pen. It's way fun. I used to do it. I had the most awesome blue roan gelding. Oh I loved that horse and i wish I still had him. He was the best. His name was Smokin Dry Doc. I sold him to move to Louisiana, all for the love of a cowboy....sigh....

But I am excited to hear about your adventures with your yellow pony and working cows!! It sounds like a lot of fun!

Saddle Mountain Rider said...

I like the way your camera takes those videos! They could have done their sorting outside today - in the 60 degree weather we had!

Paint Girl said...

Thanks for the video's cuz! I went to watch a sorting about 3 years ago. It was quite fun to watch.
If I had a horse that wasn't scared of cows I would probably try it! One of my horses is a cow and looks like one too, my little Arab would need to seriously overcome anxiety issues but she probably would get over it to a point anyways. Something else I might have to learn!

kdwhorses said...

Glad you got out to check it out!
I love sorting it is alot of fun!! Hope you get cleared and can join in the fun!

Pony Girl said...

Sounds like fun! I'm not sure my boy would want to sort cows...but carrots, apples, and horse cookies- maybe!? I could barely get him to break a walk today. Lazy spotted hiney!