Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Bunny!

Check out this happy Bunny!

So, I went out to worm my horses the other day, and this is really no big deal. Usually. I only took one halter.

It was pretty windy. There was a stray dog who had been chasing my horses all day. Yellow was in a MOOD. It was a total recipe for disaster.

I shook the boxes and the boys come to snoop. I threw a lead rope around Yellow and grabbed the tube. Well that goofy horse was too busy looking for crazy stray dogs and keeping Okie away from his food tub (that was empty) to have anything to do with holding his head still. So I put the halter on. He was still being a knucklehead, so I had to use my teacher voice and get after him. He held still for about 3 seconds so I could shoot the paste into his mouth, and then jerked at the last second so I got a good chunk of it on his lips.

As soon as I turned Yellow loose, he chased Okie to the opposite end of the corral. Turkeys.

So I re-caught Yellow and tied him up. He was jumping around and being a knucklehead again while I was trying to the rope tied, so then he really got told. He has been in that corral without anyone telling him what to do for way too long.

I went and grabbed another halter and headed out the the big corral to catch Okie. He saw me and I thought he was actually trotting up to me, but right on by he went! Then Yellow kicked at him (even though he was tied up!) and Okie came running back by me. We did this at least 3 time before I finally said, "Okie, WHOA!" He stared at me like, "Listen lady. I'm playing. What the french do you want?"

I haltered Okie, and, seeing as how he puts absolutely everything in his mouth, I let his natural curiosity take over and he put the wormer tube in his mouth on his own. But of course, because I'm always in a hurry, I squirted while his mouth was just a tad open and got some on our lead rope. But at least he got wormed!

So, anyway, my little crack heads were in fine form this windy weekend. But we got it done.

Here's another pic of my Easter Bunny:


Anonymous said...

That's Nana's angel!

Paint Girl said...

Love that first picture of Grace! She is a doll!
Fritzy is a real pain to de-worm so I know how frustrating it can be!

Andrea said...

I have a four year old gelding that is a dork about deworming. But that little easter bunny is just too cute!! I love that hat!!

cowgirljlynn said...

Gracie is adorable! I bet Nana has her spoiled rotten!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

She is the cutest bunny ever! My daughter had a hat very similar to that when she was a little baby....6 yrs ago (wah).
That last photo is precious!

Silly horses. You reminded me that I've got to worm my mare soon, too. Fun.


Pony Girl said...

Your deworming issues still sound easier than mine, LOL!
Your little bunny is a doll! She looks like her mama! Can't wait to see her in person...hopefully before she starts Kindergarten! Miss ya! xo

Dusty Devoe said...

Look at Grammy;s little bunny girl!
She is as cute as bunny ears! Dusty is a pain in the A@$$ too!

Desert Rose said...

Cute little bunny!!! Compared to most...your worming went well. IF you had taken 2 halters with you it would have gone better!!!LOL