Sunday, March 1, 2009

Honest Scrap - What?!?

It's true...I have been selected to receive the prestigeous "Honest Scrap" Award. I think this means...well, I'm not really sure. But one thing is certain, I am following the rules to a T because I certainly don't want this award revoked!

First, the seven blogs I would like to pass this along to:

1. Middle of the Road, naturally.

2. Jesse's Desert Rose - check this sassy cowgirl out!

3. Dusty Devoe - Gracie's "Grammy!" She's got some great words of wisdom!

4. Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind - This lady is SO fun!

5. Swamp Suburbia - Always a new adventure going on with this cowgirl and her "cowpokes

6. Flying Lily - She has a yellow horse, for Pete's sake!

7. Cabbage Stew - My good friends tell the tales of being new parents and always being ready to try something new and exciting!

Now, for my 10 honest things:

1. I love being at work and I love being busy at work.

2. I hate talking on the phone, unless I'm driving.

3. I wish I was more athletic, like my brother. That's not the only way I wish I was like him, but it's one of them.

Yes, this is an actual picture of my little brother. He is amazing!

4. I don't think all babies are cute, but mine definitely is.

Just check out that mug! Have you ever seen a cuter baby?! Haha!

5. I have absolutely no patience, and I think people who think it is a virtue are slow, lazy, and obviously have nothing to do if they have time to sit around and wait.

6. When I travel, I like to stay low-key. This includes arrival times. What time will I be there? When I get there. The traveling is often as fun as the trip, if you're not late and stressed!

7. When I grow up, I want to be just like Ari Gold from Entourage. True story.

8. If my job in television doesn't pan out, I plan on going back to school to become a teacher. Either 2nd grade, 5th grade or high school journalism or maybe a librarian.

9. Because I don't like or wear a lot of pink, neither does my baby. This leads people to believe she is a boy. What is wrong with our society?? Right now she is wearing her blue jammies with a brown pony wearing a red hat. Too cute! But, dressed like this, Travis calls her our son.

When I showed this picture to a friend, she thought Grace was on the right and she asked, "Who's the little boy?" Wearing brown cow overalls does not make her a boy!!

10. I am so spoiled. Between my parents, my man and my brother, I almost always get my way and have never really had to go without. I am what some refer to as a "lucky duck."

Now, to my selected bloggers:

Here are the rules, if you have been chosen:
1) Write a post (on your own blog), announcing that you have received the Honest Scrap award. Be sure to mention LifeontheFarm, the blog that conferred the Honest Scrap Award upon you. Add the Honest Scrap Award graphic.

2) Choose at least seven blogs that you admire. List these (with links) in your Honest Scrap Award blog entry.

3) Visit the blogs you have selected, and leave comments to let the bloggers know you have chosen to honor them with the Honest Scrap Award. Include a link to your blog post in each comment.

4) Visit the blog that offered you the Honest Scrap Award, and leave a comment with a link to your post.

5) List ten honest things about yourself. Try to have fun with this one, and include facts others may not already know about you.

6) Display the Honest Scrap Award proudly on your blog sidebar.

Thank you, It's Sunny in SD for this wonderful award!


Flying Lily said...

Hey thanks!! And since it is totally true that I have a yellow horse, I feel quite deserving of this award! :) I'll tell John he is earning his keep a little these days. thank you so much!!

SunnySD said...

You're welcome! And Grace is indeed a cutie. Personally, I like brown cow overalls. And didn't Dale Evans wear brown a time or two? Can't accuse her of being non-girlie! *grin*

Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

Thank you!! Very cute post...and I TOTALLY agree about the baby/clothes/color thing! But I have to admit that I always feel bad when I meet someone's baby and cant tell if it is a boy or girl...especially when they have a name like Sydney or Alex...that could go either way... and then you dont know quite how to refer to "it" but certainly dont want to refer to "it" as an "it"... awkward.... lol So please, for the sake of socially anxious people like me, give some gender indicator, k? lol

Pony Girl said...

Congrats on your award! Like seeing more pics of Grace....classic mug on that one! ;)
When I was a baby I did look like a boy, and it wasn't because of how I was dressed. I just had a boyish face, LOL!

Desert Rose said...

Hay Cousin...Thank you for the award!!! And congrats to you!!! I am not sure everyone can take my honesty about some things, I may have to tone it down or get out my quarters for the cuss jar!

Andrea said...

Congrats on your award!! And Thanks for the award!!

I love road trips too! And there is nothing wrong with your little girl wearing brown!! I love brown. I am actually going to make my little girl a brown tutu. Okay, so it's a tutu and not overalls, but still, it's brown!! LOL!!

Dusty Devoe said...

Thanks Palomino Girl for the award! I will get my honest things up and runnung in a few days! I need Sares to help me get in figured out!!!