Monday, March 23, 2009

It's in the Bag

My darling cousin, Pony Girl, participated in this really fun tag, so I thought I should play along! Especially because I am very fond of my current hand bag.

Here's the story: There is man who loves me very much, and who got very tired of me oohing and aahing over other women's giraffe handbags. He also got tired of me constantly going into Nordstrom's to look at said giraffe handbags. So he bought me one! He works at Macy's, so he had it all wrapped up and decorated when he gave it to me. Other than the handbag, it was just an average Thursday night!

Here's the rules:
  1. Post a picture of whatever bag you are using today - not last weekend when you and your hubby went out to that fabulous restaurant. No cheating!!!

  2. Tell us how much it cost. This is a no-judgment zone -- there will be no ridiculing or eye rolling here. And, if there is a story to go along with how you obtained it, I'd love to hear it.

  3. Then tag some friends.

So here it is, the handbag:

The matching clutch, that now is usually either hooked to the diaper bag or the car seat. Loverly.

Every new mom has to have pictures of her munchkin! I carry around 200 or so, just incase I encounter someone who has an hour to analyze how much my punkin matured during her first month of life!

Ah yes, my FABULOUS zebra Nine West sunglasses. These are definitely my favorite shades. I will be hearbroken when I finally break or lose them. I should have bought two pairs!

The necessities: hand cream and chapstick. Right now I'm toting around Irresistable Apple hand cream from Bath and Body Works and Cherry Carmex. Carmex is the only chapstick I use. I don't know why. But I wouldn't be caught dead without it! As a matter of fact, one of my biggest fears about having my baby was not being able to find my chapstick, so I bought an extra one and put it in our hospital bag, just to be safe.

The Blackberry. My lifeline to the world! I know that I have mentioned before that I used to have 2 cell phones, and the cousins teased me about constantly having to be "connected" with my laptop and what-not. Well, I've consolidated and now I can be a lot more discrete about needing to check email or always being reachable. I went ahead and got the World Edition, which means I can make calls anywhere in the world. This'll be handy for my Mexican cruise wedding this Fall!

Reading glasses, that I never wear. But I should!

What's this? A cap to a baby bottle. Yet another sign of being a mom! Baby remnants everywhere! When Gracie was about a month old, Travis and I went shopping and while digging in my handbag, I found one of her little hats...I just about had a meltdown and told Travis I wanted to go home and see my punkin right away! Instead, he just had me look at the 50 pictures I had just printed and he reminded me that she was just sleeping, and we had more shopping to do! Since then, I've tried not to keep baby things in my handbag.

Okay, so that was what was in my bag! And yes, that is the bag I carry every day. I LOVE it!

Thanks Pony Girl!


Paint Girl said...

Love the giraffe handbag! I also can't go anywhere without my chapstick, but I use different kinds.

Andrea said...

Way cute purse!! I love it!! I carry around way too many pictures too!! LOL!! And I don't think we would be called a mom if we didn't have some kind of baby "thing" in our purse!! I can never find those bottle caps when I need one!! :) This is a fun tag!

Pony Girl said...

Cool bag (but you knew I'd say that!) I forgot what brand it is? Dooney? I always wish I could buy two of everything I really love, too!
Happy belated bday, by the way!! ;)
Can't wait to see you and Baby Grace this spring?!

Sares said...

Cousin Palomino Girl,
Giraffe is my favorite animal print too. I was shopping last weekend and spied a giraffe print purse I LOVED, but alas, it was out of my budget, so I thought it was funny that you posted about your purse. Also, being an on duty Auntie, I always have baby things in my purse, when they get to be 2, distractions are the name of the game. Toys, snacks, binkis, anything for some cooperation while shopping. But maybe Gracie will be a better shopper since she's a little filly!

cowgirljlynn said...

Love the purse! Better watch your mom, she might be stealing that!

Desert Rose said...

Of course it would be an ANIMAL of some kind!!!
Hay aren't you suppose to pass this on?????

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

And I thought you'd have a cow print or pinto pony printed bag. Thne giraffe is cute, though.

Like you, gotta have chapstick. I use Burts Bess for now, but I also like some that is handmade.

That's a huge lotion bottle to have to lug around. I wish B&B works made purse size bottle for all their scents.

Oh! And you can never have too many photos of your sweet little punkin!