Monday, October 13, 2008

Hello? Is it me you're looking for?

Well, I finally saw my horse! I barely recognized him, and he hardly recognized me after our month away from each other! I'm carrying another person around, he's getting his winter coat, we both had things to marvel at!

I don't like it when my horse gets fuzzy. I think he looks funny. But I REALLY don't like it when he first sheds out because, as any of you who have or have had palominos know, they look like they have a skin disease. All horses shed out in patches, depending on blankets and such, but with a yellow horse it's SUPER obvious!

Yellow during his "fuzzy" phase last year.

My poor neglected horse wasn't too interested in me. I showed up right around feeding time and his attitude was, "If you're not gonna feed me, what good are ya?!?" I can't really complain, I'm the same way, especially to my poor fiance. "Of course I missed you today, dear, but I really need some potato chips right now."

Oh, and I just got baby shower pics on Friday and was out of town all weekend, so I'll try to get some up asap! But, with my crazy schedule, don't go holding your breath or anything!


SunnySD said...

Funny, I love how cute they are when they're fuzzy - until they hit the scruffy, dull-coat, shedding out stage in the spring. I like this time of year, and the spring when they're wearing their new summer coats and haven't had time to sun fade yet. Of course, my first pony was part Shetland and we lived up north where it started to get cold in late August, so he started his winter coat EARLY - maybe that's why I find all that extra coat cute :)

Andrea said...

I was all about doughnuts when I was pregnant. Now, why can't we want salad?? I don't get it.

Glad you got out to see your horse. I don't like the fuzzy horses either. We pasture ours almost all the time so they don't get blankets and they all are super fuzzy all winter long.

Can't wait to see baby shower pictures!! :)

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Tomato juice and Lay's ruffled potato chips were my craving. I could drink quarts of tomato juice. Everyone said my ankles would swell from the sodium, but they didn't-hehe.

I was just giggling at some of mom's horses today. Some are just poufy, others are really getting fuzzy. Her super fat bay mare has the tiniest ears and they just get lost in all of the poufy hair she gets.

Pony Girl said...

Uh, I hate the fuzz, too! My Boy will look like a pony and get his "yak hair." It gets sooooo long on his legs and under his chin! That horse should never get cold in the winter, I tell ya! ;)
Can't wait to see the baby shower pics!

Train Wreck said...

Fuzzy? Whos Fuzzy? All I see is a pretty girl! Girl Pregnancy agrees with you! Look how gorgeous you are!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Gah! Pooofff... (letting out my breath) I realy tried to hold it, but you took way too long!

Where's those shower pics? Hurry up now :)

Yellow is cute lil' fluffy fuzz ball when he's all grown out. :)

My painted mare looks like a fancy fur coat right now. It's awful after I ride her because the fur is all matted and dirty from sweating.